Vehere's Gladius-X

Inspired by Gladius, the mighty sword of the Romans - The Gladius-X is the tech-stack of Vehere.

Vehere designed The "Gladius-X" stack for the toughest Defence and Intelligence Communities to reveal hidden threats. It is now being used by the most sophisticated Intelligence, Defense , Telecom and Financial Services Community globally.

Our Network Intelligence Analytics and Network Detection and Response is powered by Vehere Gladius-X tech stack. Vehere has been a frontrunner in the war against cyber intrusions/criminals and improving cyber security postures.

Stay ahead of modern cyberattacks with Vehere's solutions

Network Detection & Response

icon PacketWorke



When you're dealing with information sprawl from traditional data-centers to cloud and onto the personal assets of a tech-savvy mobile co-worker; PacketWorker becomes the go-to solution to help retain persistent ability to detect and defend your users and their precious work.

Network Intelligence Analytics



network intelligence

Nations strive to stay ahead of disruptive threats. Vehere IntelliWorker is deployed at critical government institutions for advanced cyber situation awareness. Vehere's solutions play a vital role in National Security by providing mission critical data acquisition and analytics capabilities.

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