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A comprehensive data-analysis platform enabling a 360-degree view of "situations" in real-time via a set of intuitive dashboards and widgets that put the power of assessment back to the lending an entirely different meaning to the term "Informed Decisions".


Data Fusion

Ingests structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and sensors in real-time to support non-disruptive data acquisition at line-rates.

Multi-Services Satellite

End-to-end solution for acquisition, amplification, normalization and analysis of signal data from multiple satellite system constellations enabling proactive risk assessment and visualization.


Fiber Traffic Analysis

The hunt for nefarious actors takes a new dimension with the ability to detect, decode, classify, categorize and, enrich data acquired from high-speed fibers. With state of the art AI-powered analytics capabilities, gathering intelligence from dark fiber was never simpler.

With an integrated Case-Management tool, IntelliWorker empowers user defined workflows that suit any... literally any environment.

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Vehere releases new version of IntelliWorker platform with improved ETL tool to accommodate various kinds of data ingestion needs.
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