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National Security

It is said that modern wars shall be fought in the cyber-space. With no defined boundaries, the cyberspace is volatile and active 24x7. Defenders need actionable intelligence and clear insights to preempt perpetrators actions and better plan to secure national assets.

National Security


Vehere's IntelliWorker is a Cyber Situational Awareness Platform that transforms massive scale data from multiple sources & sensors into usable insight. It empowers users with varying technical ability and deep subject matter expertise to work smarter and faster, using advanced analytics, automated workflows and, visualization tools to uncover hidden connections and extract actionable intelligence from vast amounts of seemingly unrelated data.


Near zero integration effort

Ingest data from a variety of sources - whether structured or unstructured. IntelliWorker ETL framework enables template driven data ingestion so that all data is normalized and analyzed for consistency in quality of outcome.

Scale... beyond imagination

A modular design that enables clustering at every level, IntelliWorker can quickly ramp up to support heavy analytics demand or greater ingest pipeline.


Scale... beyond imagination

A modular design that enables clustering at every level, IntelliWorker can quickly ramp up to support heavy analytics demand or greater ingest pipeline.


Zero latency investigations

Powerful analytics to search through content by leveraging algorithmically created metadata eliminating the need for analyst review of content thereby saving considerable time, effort and, compute.

Key Features

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Modular Architecture with redundancy at each subsystem


Ingest, parse, normalize and, classify incoming multi-sources metadata


Enrich User-Experience with inbuilt case-management, workflow and, role-based access control


Actionable Intelligence enabled by AI/ML & automation – profiling & behavior anomalies, language & data mining, target acquisition, qualified alerting


Evidence retention - Full raw capture or, Communication content and/or, metadata


Ingests structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and sensors in real-time to support non-disruptive data acquisition at line-rates.

Portfolio of solutions for passive interception and monitoring of satellite communications signals - flexible portable tactical solutions to complex stationary strategic systems for simultaneous interception of signals and services from multiple satellites.

Capture, Classify, Categorize, Enrich, Analyze and, investigate data from any network source. Build and visualize accurate picture of profile across organizations, entities and, identities to rapidly derive actionable intelligence and investigate surreptitious activities in real-time or, retrospectively with a chain-of-custody.

Solutions for Telecommunication Service Providers to enable them address changing regulatory stance, Law Enforcement Agency needs including about application insights & location data and, balance that with emerging communications technologies with a solution that supports multiple network types and services and is able to support burgeoning network at the point of acquisition.

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If any of the above solutions interest you, we welcome to contact us using the link below. We assure you that your information is kept confidential and shared with our partners in your region only after your consent.