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Cloud Security

Security and Risk practitioners are responsible for ensuring that organization's intellectual property and other assets stay safe and secure irrespective of their location. Shifts toward remote work accelerated demand for cloud-based architectures. Vehere's NDR cloud solutions provide intelligence from any cloud to ensure adequate readiness to deal with security contingencies.

Vehere NDR empowers businesses to keep their cloud workloads secure by extending the same functionality of on-premise NDR to the cloud.

Vehere's Products

icon PacketWorke


When you're dealing with information sprawl from traditional data-centers to cloud and onto the personal assets of a tech-savvy mobile co-worker; PacketWorker becomes the go-to solution to help retain persistent ability to detect and defend your users and their precious work.

Familiar interface, techniques and, methods of risk detection with the added benefit of extended coverage

100% Flexibility on-the-go

With agents for Linux, Windows and, Mac; Vehere NDR provides consistent view across the enterprise assets and improves the ability of defenders to detect security risks using techniques familiar to them without having to know anything about the operating environment.

Zero Touch Investigations

Resolving security or performance issues for the endpoint just got easier. Vehere NDR ensures full visibility into profile and security risks of a remote endpoint without the need for seeking access to the host saving considerable IT and business-user time.

360-degree visibility

Secure your cloud workloads using comprehensive visibility and instantaneous containment using real-time response. Quickly identify the advanced threats and lateral movement other tools miss with AI-powered behavioral analysis and rules-based detections.

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For an overview of Mitigate Ransomware powered Products and other products, please contact our friendly Vehere sales representative or one of our partners.