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Cyberwar in Motion: PacketWorker sniffs threats

Ritu Chaudhary
July 9, 2020

Wars have transcended to the digital spectrum as cyberwars. Cyberwar refers to the use of digital bombardment- like hacking or computer viruses- by one nation, to knock down digital assets of another. The increase in sophistication of software built to outsmart traditional network, application and cloud security postures, is making intelligence professionals invest in solutions that justify their claims for digital defense. 

Security tools based on behavioural analysis, artificial intelligence and encrypted traffic analysis, when incorporated in an enterprise framework will detect suspicious behaviour in their cyberspace. PacketWorker is the cutting-edge Network Detection and Response solution that facilitates enterprises with efficient resolutions for identified security incidents. In the midst of complex networks, massive data in volume and speed, the PacketWorker enables transparency and reliable visibility of the enterprise network traffic. Here’s how the solution identifies malicious threat actors on-the-go:

Comprehensive network visibility- Cyberwars are virtual but are capable of causing massive damage. Security and Risk Practitioners require real-time comprehensive visibility of the organization’s network and business assets. PacketWorker provides a closer look into the network metrics that attempts attacker attribution, enabling security operators to deliver on-time responses to security incidents. 

Hunts threats with automation techniques PacketWorker uses automation techniques like Machine Learning and Rules Engine which help enterprises identify unexpected behaviour that indicates compromise. Automation leads to finding concrete evidences, gather actionable intelligence, perform analysis, and act accordingly so that an infringement is contained.  

Encrypted traffic analytics- IT professionals see encrypted traffic as a potential source of security threat. PacketWorker garners scalable visibility of security incidents in encrypted traffic without violating privacy and without causing hindrance to latency. The ability to detect security risks in SSL/TLS traffic, IPSec is pivotal to ensure compliance and formulate a premium level of protection. 

Reduces Dwell Time- As the scale and sophistication of attacks continue to increase; narrowing dwell time towards zero becomes a pivotal target for progressive organization leaders. PacketWorker improves an enterprise’s security posture by effectively detecting and responding to the security threat. Organizations benefit since the risk of information breach is reduced significantly owing to prompt detection and response, thus dodging cyber threats like a pro! 

The challenges are intensifying as adversaries and cybercriminals are becoming smarter by the minute. It is imperative that enterprises brace themselves and conduct regular audits and follow-up security breaches carefully. Strict security measures will definitely shield against significant loss of revenue and honour.

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