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IP Traffic Analytics

As governments and business increasingly rely on communications technology on all fronts, there is a growing dependence on the communications industry to deliver cyber solutions that can generate intelligence and increase security across a widening array of network architectures.

Vehere's IP Traffic Analytics solution, provide comprehensive optical network analytics, both real-time and historical, using metadata extracted across the entire transport network

Vehere's Network Intelligence Analytics



network intelligence

Nations strive to stay ahead of disruptive threats. Vehere IntelliWorker is deployed at critical government institutions for advanced cyber situation awareness. Vehere's solutions play a vital role in National Security by providing mission critical data acquisition and analytics capabilities.

Analyzes high-speed data streams from fibres to identify and track nation/state threats for improving situation awareness

Actionable intelligence with state-of-art DPI Real-time traffic classification for over four-thousand protocols, applications and their service types such as communication, data or, file-transfer.

Uncover hidden inferences Detection of devices behind routers using NAT including smartphones using mobile tethering. Advanced fingerprinting techniques to identify entities in high-speed communication.

Unprecedented Scale With solutions from integration partners, buyers can now cycle through hundreds, or even thousands, of optical fibers to survey the network effectively identifying key signaling attributes and enabling faster decision for surveillance.

Simplify Monitoring Rapid growth of data presents buyers with a pair of perplexing challenges – the very first is to determine if monitoring a link is likely to return intelligence of usable value and the second is obviously the scale.

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For an overview of Vehere's NIA and other products, please contact your friendly Vehere sales representative or one of our partners.