Telco Compliance

Vehere Telco Compliance is a security process that supports law enforcement agencies by leveraging the power of Deep Packet Inspection. The solution works transparently without disrupting service and delivers passive solutions for a wide range of technologies and services.



network intelligence

Nations strive to stay ahead of disruptive threats. Vehere IntelliWorker is deployed at critical government institutions for advanced cyber situation awareness. Vehere's solutions play a vital role in National Security by providing mission critical data acquisition and analytics capabilities.

Vehere Network Intelligence

Lossless capture with 2X more visibility than others

Analyze using metadata, both real-time and historical

Probabilistic generative AI to gain actionable intelligence

Robust solution that excels in today’s high-speed networks

Cost effective Compliance Complete compliance with in-force mandates in your country including end-to-end service offering support at all stage of compliance certification.

High-speed Capturing Supports a broad range of network types and throughput beyond Terabits/second using a cluster of efficient low form-factor 100Gb/second probes which are ideal for emerging 5G networks.

Easy manageability Being air-gapped has its own challenges. Vehere delivers an out-of-band upgrade/update mechanism to ensure that the solution is up-to-date with latest and best offering at all times.

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