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Network Security

For a formidable second line of reliable and resilient defense for your business assets, Vehere offers its PacketWorker platform for accelerated detection and Incident Response

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Vehere PacketWorker is a Network Security solution enabling Security and Risk Management Professionals to improve their detection and incident response capabilities by leveraging network or host telemetry data, full packet captures or, DNS query analysis.


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Boost anomaly detection
by 50%

Vehere's purpose-built Machine-Learning algorithms analyze traffic in real-time and are productive starting from the very first hour of deployment so as to speed up your anomaly detection ability.

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Zero blind-spots

Analyzing network traffic and employing a mix of profound and promiscuous methods, PacketWorker is quick to identify and uncover device identities on the network enabling a better understanding of "Who" is using your network.

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70% greater automation efficiency

A flexible Rules-Engine allows for the creation of policies facilitating automation of most risk practitioner use-cases accelerating detection and remediation.

Key Features

Vehere continues to invest in making the solution relevant for its users by adding newer capabilities and features. Bookmark this page to learn about new and exciting capabilities we have added to our products.

key features

Enhance your visibility and threat detection capabilities

Automate response for quick and effective resolution

key features
key features

Automate response for quick and effective resolution


To be the “source of truth”. Support investigation activities by being a system that makes available full extent, origin and, scope of an attack and, enabling creation of in-house threat intelligence.

Enable proactive troubleshooting and fault detection using a hybrid approach involving full packet capture and flow data.

Bolster security posture and improve cyber resiliency by enabling security operations to accelerate risk detection using network telemetry data and attain a comprehensive cyber situational awareness.

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PacketWorker delivers on the promise of asset discovery with a unique blend of Active and Promiscuous techniques.