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Next Gen NDR Solution

Apprehend network threats instantly

Vehere strengthens enterprise cyber defence by implementing a combination of machine learning, advanced analytics and rule-based techniques to identify any suspicious activity within the network.

Analyse raw traffic round the clock

See into both North-South and East-West telemetry data as it enters the perimeter.

Faster anomaly detection

Expose threats in real-time leveraging ML-powered network behavioural model.

Enable micro segmentation

Respond to attacks immediately using PacketWorker’s dynamic response capabilities.

Enhanced Scalability

From SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, PacketWorker extends unparalleled threat detection capabilities.

Full Packet Capture

Unleash the power of raw packet analysis that serves as the gold mine of information while investigating security incidents.

Monitor Netflow

Collect and measure all data packets transferred within the network perimeter for deeper insights and analysis

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Wirespeed Visibility

PacketWorker NR provides Wirespeed Visibility and Analysis from Layer 3 to Layer 7 leveraging advance AI/ML to provide real-time actionable alerts. MOVE BEYOND LOGS AND ENDPOINT SECURITY!

Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Location and device agnostic user and application profiling for improved visibility, behavior modelling and, eventually resulting in better anomaly detection. Automated Port agnostic protocol detection of thousands of protocols leading to Accurate application detection and response

Intelligent Responce

PacketWorker NR provides full context and one-click investigation workflows for every detection. Leverages artificial intelligence to immediately terminate harmful connections and contain network threats.

Security Initiatives

Protect your business from advanced threats with the Next Gen NDR

When it comes to advanced threats like supply chain attacks and ransomware, the real battle is not at the edge. Are you ready to beat back adversaries from the inside?

Zero Trust

Enterprises are moving away from traditional security approaches for fighting sophisticated network attacks. Enhance Zero Trust architecture to verify each entity seeking access to networks.

SOC Transformation

SecOps teams find themselves at a disadvantage against an emerging breed of malicious actors. Upgrade your protection with the power-packed Next Gen NDR tool.

IoT Security

Digitalization has augmented the use of IoT devices which is expanded the enterprise attack surface. Reinforce IoT security with real-time threat detection, advanced analytics and swift response.

Cloud Security

Enterprises have increased dependence on the cloud for operations making themselves vulnerable to attackers. Secure your cloud landscape with AI/ML backed detection and response.

Mitigate Ransomware

Apprehend ransomware attacks by leveraging real-time detection of anomalies within the network and use this as an advantage to mitigate such ploys by malicious actors.

Supercharge SIEM

Deploy PacketWorker with existing SIEM to obtain advanced NDR capabilities and equip your enterprise against unknown threats by achieving enhanced detection capabilities.

Security Use Cases

Communication on Invalid Ports

PacketWorker NR monitor networks for encrypted communication e.g., SSH, SSL/TLS using non-standard ports or set to alert on DPI detection for SSH or SSL/TLS application with ports not equal to standard ports.

Identify Rouge

PacketWorker NR leverages behavioural analytics to identify rogue DHCP servers working within the enterprise network.

Detect Malicious Insiders

PacketWorker NR monitors unusual internal traffic patterns and data volumes from key systems. Proactive risk hunting and, volumetric counter-based notifications using the rules engine allow for detection of such events

Mitigate Zero-Day

PacketWorker NR Leverage behavior-based rules and, a combination of machine-learning anomaly detection techniques to discover and respond to advanced, zero-day attacks.

Know Root-Cause

PacketWorker NR enables root-cause analysis by following a chain of communication or referrers. DPI with relevant application detection and decodes which provide relevant transaction level insights into the network metadata

Hunt Advanced Threats

PacketWorker ensures SecOps teams hunt advanced threats to mitigate risks before damage.

For an overview of PacketWorker NR and other products, please contact your friendly Vehere sales representative or one of our partners.