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CRN India crown · Aug 20, 2019 · 1 min

iValue partners with Vehere to deliver high-security solutions for proactive network monitoring


Reinforcing their commitment of bringing new and niche solutions to  the Indian Technology market, iValue InfoSolutions, has partnered with  Vehere, a young product company that has been working with Government  entities and businesses to secure their Cyber Defences and enable its  users to proactively monitor their networks, round the clock.

iValue has continued to stay ahead of the curve by constantly  partnering with the right mix of popular and niche technology providers  thus helping customers in their digital transformation journey. Vehere  is the latest entrant into iValue’s compelling and complementing  offerings in the Data, Network and Application Management and Protection  space.

iValue boasts of a distinctive go-to-market for focused practices  that comprise BFSI, Government, Enterprise and Channels. There is also  an experienced team engaging the Consultants, Big 4 as well as the  Regional Consultants primarily on the GOI and Banking projects apart  from the Large Enterprise opportunities. Empowered by Analytics for  Business Development, iValue has been delivering 4+ times market growth  for its OEMs consistently over the last 10 years. Vehere, with its  best-in-class solutions that combine results from disparate data sources  at once with sophisticated analytical tools and advanced Machine  Learning algorithms, is tremendously relevant for iValue’s 3500+ strong  Government and Enterprise customer base.

“iValue is excited to partner with Vehere, whose diversified  portfolio of solutions enable Critical Infrastructure and Utilities to  monitor their networks proactively, round-the-clock” said Subodh Anchan,  VP – Alliance, iValue InfoSolutions. “iValue’s decade-long expertise  around Government sector will complement Vehere who has been working  very closely with Government and Defence agencies mandated to protect a  country’s National Security and Law Enforcement”

“iValue has been a force in the markets they operate, and it gives us  immense pleasure to be associated with a technology enabler who boasts  of rich understanding and expertise around Government segment. iValue’s  Government and Enterprise GTM strategies augers perfectly with our  product roadmap, we are also eager to capitalize on iValue’s strong  Regional Partner base” said Sanjay Chhugani, AVP Sales, Vehere. “We look  forward to great opportunities working together and enhance our market  position in the forthcoming years with the support of iValue”


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