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Platform to transform raw packets into information to draw meaningful insights, explore relationships, determine root-cause and, accelerate detection and Incident Response for network of any size.


Cloak of Secrecy? No worries!

With purpose-built algorithms to analyze any communication irrespective of the underlying cipher or encryption protocol in use, PacketWorker enables better understanding and assessment to minimize capital spend and improve security posture.

Dreading the "WFH" culture? Relax!

With solutions that can be deployed literally anywhere - in the cloud or, on a Windows/Linux/Mac machine, you are enabled to maintain your ability to detect security risks in network telemetry data irrespective of user/asset location.


Suspect something bad?
Look no further!

It's said that the devil is in the detail... And, when you need to refer to details, PacketWorker's intuitive user-interface enables visual analytics, multi-dimensional view of the data and tools to slice-and-dice information into myriad ways to assist with faster responses to critical questions - "Who?", "When?", "Where?", "Why?, "What?".

Select a solution that suits your requirement. Enabled by a single site-wide license, our tools are meant to ease adoption burden and enable wider coverage.


One of the World's leading Communication Service Provider offering products and services in 150+ countries.

When traditional means of Intrusion Detection failed to scale up to hundred's of Gigabit/second of throughput besides proving inadequate at detecting threats in traffic/communication that is prevalent in the CSP management network, the Service Provider looked up to Vehere's PacketWorker for improving their threat detection ability using behavior based detection techniques and improving overall visibility besides addressing challenges of scale.

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PacketWorker delivers on the promise of asset discovery with a unique blend of Active and Promiscuous techniques.