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Vehere crown · Sep 20, 2019 · 1 min

Vehere PacketWorker - a better substitute for Symantec Security Analytics


In the wake of recent news about Broadcom acquiring Symantec has raised questions about the future for Symantec customers and partners. Broadcom has expressed their views that they will concentrate on Global 2000 organizations with their endpoint security, web security, and DLP solutions. Broadcom has additionally flagged their expectation to scale down investments in the Symantec email security, threat intelligence, and managed services portfolio, and that they plan significant reductions in R&D, sales and customer support. Current Symantec enterprise customers are faced with a serious predicament. The acquisition is a call-to-action for customers and partners to re-evaluate their security program. 

PacketWorker: Solution for Symantec Security Analytics 

Vehere believes all security programs should be intelligence-led, based on in-depth knowledge of the attackers and their motivations and techniques. Replacing Symantec Security Analytics with Vehere’s PacketWorker a combination of AI, ML, behavioural analytics and integrated threat intelligence will not only protect you against today’s most sophisticated threats, but also helps future-proof your organization against tomorrow’s cyberattacks. Vehere PacketWorker portfolio consists of subscriptions and services designed to enhance security effectiveness, improve decision making and reduce business risk. 

The capabilities you’ll receive include the following:

  • Full attack visibility at a glance: PW comprehensive visibility unravels an entire attack sequence in one easy-to-grasp visualization that’s enriched with contextual threat intelligence.
  • Network Traffic Analytics: Allows organizations to detect potentially malicious activity by identifying suspicious network connections, by analyzing large amounts of network data with rules and algorithms that are available out of the box.
  • Reduce MTTD and MTTR: Provides capability for a central data store that houses ALL the information needed to facilitate an investigation, returning investigative query results in seconds and minutes (vs. hours and days), which effectively reduces incident MTTR and minimizes the adverse impacts of a breach.
  • Threat Hunting: Improves the efficacy of threat hunting by providing the analytic flexibility to perform ad-hoc searches and queries over billions of network communication records, as well as applying purpose-built algorithms to help identify the proverbial “needle in the haystack”.

Time to Switch is Now 

Learn how PacketWorker can better protect your email accounts against threats with this analysis from Vehere and better secure your networks with intelligence-lead, detection, and response. Sign up for a complimentary email analysis, and a no cost evaluation of Network Security.


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