Acquire, Analyse and Explore Data for Effective and Efficient Decision Making

Intelligence Agencies around the world are mandated to anticipate and  prevent emerging threats that may destabilise nations and global  economies.  

The Intelligence Community needs solutions that can  extract actionable insights from the ever-increasing volume and type of  data being generated every day, from unstructured data to signals  intelligence without infringing on privacy and an individual’s civil  rights. 

Vehere’s solutions for Intelligence enable officers to  stay ahead of the curve, to anticipate and stop perpetrators in their  tracks. 

How Vehere Can Help


Extract Actionable Intelligence from Emerging Threats

Vehere’s advanced technology platform enables data set and raw information from multiple communication sensors that range from Undersea Data Cables to Satellites to anything in between them to come to a singular platform to achieve the following goal: Run Advanced Artificial Intelligence Engines to extract broader strategic views that include longer lists of potential outcomes. Be strategically relevant on increasingly complex topics even when handling a very large and disparate volume, variety and velocity of modern data streams.


Collaborate, Communicate and Cooperate

For more than a decade, Vehere has been developing Command and Control Platforms that focus on seamless Collaboration and Communication – for both Inter and Intra Intelligence Agencies, so that the Analysts can dedicatedly focus on Intelligence Functions. This Platform is meant to provide a common set of standards and platforms, as well as security protocols, and allows analysts from one Intelligence Agency to analyze data collected by another.