Giving Soldiers and Command Centres, immediate access to critical information for better decision-making

Any defence mission is dependent on timely access to high-quality  data, often from diverse intelligence agencies and operational units.  During a war however, accessing and analysing this data becomes a  challenge. The petabytes of data being acquired and analysed makes it  hard for commanding officers to extract actionable insights from this  information. 

Vehere solutions for Defence provides Tactical  solutions that addresses each of these challenges. They are designed to  adapt to evolving situations and to address emerging threats.

How Vehere Can Help


Acquire – Access Everything You Need

Acquire data from diverse and disparate sensors – Satellite, Cyber, Telecom and Radio. Vehere solutions acquire multiple data formats and protocols covering the widest gambit of sensor platforms for both structured and unstructured data and provides a unified view of all acquired data, regardless of their source. A powerful and robust Big Data Storage platform design incorporates scalability and high availability without compromising performance. The design supports linear scalability and proven fault-tolerance making it the perfect platform for mission-critical data. The Platform’s massive parallel processing (MPP), Distributed shared‐nothing data cache, Automatic fail-over and Automatic concurrency scale‐out functionalities work together to deliver the exceptional scaling and speed needed for transformational, real-time analytics against Big Data sets scaling to petabytes of Data.


Visualize – See Everything You Want

Advanced and unique workflow and data visualization platforms elevate your ability to interactively visualize and decipher complex data sets with extreme user-customization to extract meaningful insights.


Analyze – Find the Hidden Links

Fusion Analytics platform that includes Advanced Statistical Analysis, NLP and AI tools to accelerate and optimize the process of identifying links, recognizing connection and uncovering the hidden patterns, trends, sequence of events in complex data.


Collaborate - Work and Share the way you want and with whom you want

Unique innovations bring to the users’ ambit the power to evolve Vehere’s product on their own. The Users can create their own analysis, workflows and visualizations including graphs, charts, advanced time series analysis, geospatial visualization, sunbursts and many more. Complex data manipulations, queries, transformations and visualizations can be seamlessly created and shared among multiple Users.