Equipping Law Enforcement Officers with Tools that they need to Investigate, Report and Respond to Crimes as they happen.

Equipping Law Enforcement Officers with Tools that they need to Investigate and Respond to Crimes as they happen.

State Police and Law Enforcement Organisations across the world access information in databases, often so diverse that they have no way to search, view and draw insights from this information on a unified search console. To hone in on a suspect and collect relevant data on a person or location of interest or on an on-going criminal case, requires them to literally search for a needle in a haystack.

Vehere’s solutions for Law Enforcement Officers addresses each of the challenges faced by Police Officers.

How Vehere Can Help


Acquire-Access-Analyse Information from Disparate Data Sources

Vehere’s solutions designed for Police Officers investigating criminal activities, allows them to quickly access all available information on a suspect, in one-place and in a user-friendly format without having to look into multiple data bases and disparate data types.


Create, Collaborate and Communicate

Vehere’s solutions have been designed to empower Police Officers to Create specific searches based on their requirement, Collaborate with their peers and team on the ground, and Communicate their findings to their seniors.


Improved Situational Awareness

Vehere’s solutions improve Situational Awareness for Active Ops and are capable of investigating targets in real-time.