Vehere offers the following Services to its customers:

  • Manned telephone support
  • Monitored email support
  • Remote assistance using Remote Desktop
  • Planned or Emergency Onsite assistance

Vehere is equipped with state-of-art Call Center facility to provide world class service to our customers’. Vehere is dedicated and focused on Customer satisfaction. We use process techniques like Six Sigma & Lean to continuously enhance our Service.

Vehere uses a system of Service Call Priorities.
When placing the service call, the Customer will be asked if there is a major system impact. If the answer is YES, a P1 will be allocated. If the answer is NO, a default P2 will be allocated, or if more appropriate, a P3 as defined below:

Priority (CRITICAL)

A Priority P1 call is used for system faults where there is a major impact on normal operation of the system. The Company will immediately begin work on a P1 call, with the immediate goal of restoring normal operation to the system via a fault correction or a satisfactory work-around. Misuse of this priority affects the ability of the Company to respond to genuine P1 calls.

Priority (URGENT)

Priority P2 calls are used for system faults where normal system operation is affected to some degree and a satisfactory work-around is not available. The Company will use best endeavors to respond to the call in the times stated in Response Times section of this document. In most cases, it is normal for the Company to respond in faster times than those stated.

Priority (STANDARD)

Priority P3 calls are used for system faults where a fault was detected, but normal operation is not affected. This priority of call is the default for all service calls which do not involve a hardware related fault. For software related issues, this priority allows for work to be scheduled as part of a planned maintenance update.

Response & Resolution

P12 Hours24 Hours
P212 Hours48 Hours
P324 Hours72 Hours

In addition to Telephonic Support, Vehere also offers the following services to its customers:

Preventive Maintenance

While most current systems provided by the Company require little, or no, preventative maintenance - a program of Preventative Maintenance activities may be carried out by Vehere representative for the installed equipment as indicated by the manufacturer. However, it should be noted that some routine maintenance may be carried out during site visits for corrective maintenance or other purposes.

On-site Consultancy / Support Service

On-site consultancy and/or support services can be provided. The nature of these services can be flexible and are to be defined by the Customer. The services provided could address such topics as fault analysis, system optimization system re-engineering. Additionally, the Company is able to provide business consultancy on a wide range of systems related topics.


The Company is able to provide tailored courses based upon specific requirements of the Customer. These courses can cover all aspects of maintenance, operation and administration in respect to the solutions provided by the Company. These courses can be delivered either on site or at the Company’s offices, covering all aspects of system operation and administration.

Application Support

The Company can provide application support services on behalf of the Customer. Such services would allow for maintenance and debugging efforts associated with existing applications. Application development efforts associated with existing applications, or the development of new application interfaces would require generation of a Professional Services Request (PSR). The PSR would define the scope of the work efforts to be performed and the associated charges. The Company may offer additional support services to assist with the operational requirements of the Customer with operation.