Boost your Cyber Defense

Protect your sophisticated network from the most advanced attacks

Cyber Situational Awareness

Technology, intelligence, and expertise come together in our industry-leading platform to deliver security that works!​ Leverage Vehere's decades of experience on protecting the toughest critical infrastructure for your organisation


Deep Visibility at Wirespeed: Wirepseed visibility from Layer 3 to Layer 7 traffic leveraging advanced AI/ML to provide real time actionable alerts.


Automated single pane of glass providing complete visibility into east-west, cloud and WFH traffic of all agentless devices


Automated Port Agnostic protocol detection of thousands of protocols leading to accurate application detection and response

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Manage cyber risks while reducing incident response costs by over 60%.

The Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Our Cyber Situational Awareness Platform was designed for the toughest National Security to reveal hidden threats. It is now being used by the most sophisticated Intelligence, Defense , Telecom and Financial Services Community globally

A Unified Platform to detect breaches at Wirespeed

Comprehensive visibility and protection across your critical areas of risk: networks, cloud, workloads and data.

Detect Suspicious Traffic

Our cutting edge Network Detection and Response (NDR) applies machine learning and behaviour based techniques to help enterprises detect suspicious traffic that other security tools are missing

Proactive Threat Hunting

Proactively search for cyber threats that are lurking undetected in your network. Extend our Network Detection and Response (NDR) to dig deep to find malicious actors in your environment that have slipped past your initial network security defenses.


Vehere's powerful suite indulges in retrospective analysis through stored real-time packet data for unearthing the tracks of a threat actor. Ensure an insightful investigation using a combination of raw captures and metadata.

Advanced Network Forensics

Delve into the world of insights and retrospective analysis leveraging real-time analysis of telemetry & packet data, and North-South and East-West traffic. Allow for real-time view of the relevant details and insights into user activity for better triage.

Communication Preservation Forensics

Communication Preservation requirements are instrumental to the mission Security Exchange and Financial Institutions for protecting investors in compliance with the relevant federal securities laws


Region's Defence & National Security Agencies rely on our technology for Cyber Situational Awareness.


Financial Institutions in the region rely on our technology.

10 TOP

Global Telecommunication companies uses Vehere’s solution.


OEM to Top National Security contractors in the region.

Trusted by the world’s largest Organisations for Security

Vehere is a cybersecurity organization that pioneers in enabling Cyber Situational Awareness. CSA helps achieve complete visibility and comprehensive insights into network activities, and assets in real-time for better decision-making.

Boosts confidence in Zero Trust

Workplace need to evolve from a traditional mindset about security, post pandemic. As businesses look to strike a balance between trust and security, Vehere's CSA boosts confidence in your Zero Trust measures.

Reveal hidden Threats

The rise in cyberattacks numbers indicates vulnerabilities that are constantly being exploited through sophisticated threats. Information concealed in telemetry data serves as the gold mine for threat intelligence and is key to unearthing attacks. PacketWorker banks on advanced analytics to scour the darkest corners of organizational networks in search of hidden threats. It provides a holistic view of the security perimeter to inform SecOps teams about potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Real-Time Traffic Analysis

Leveraging the power of Rule Engine, PacketWorker continuously monitors and analysis North-South and East-West network traffic to immediately alert security teams of anomalies.

Light Up The Darkest Corners

Threat intelligence is the foundation of our solution. PacketWorker uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure visibility in the darkest corners of the network.

Integrated Approach

Securing the perimeter mandates a combination of security tools that can be integrated to ensure a fortified network. PacketWoker’s architecture seamlessly integrates itself with SIEM and other security tools

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When you're dealing with information sprawl from traditional data-centers to cloud and onto the personal assets of a tech-savvy mobile co-worker; PacketWorker becomes the go-to solution to help retain persistent ability to detect and defend your users and their precious work.



Nations strive to stay ahead of disruptive threats. Vehere IntelliWorker is deployed at critical government institutions for advanced cyber situational awareness. Vehere's solutions play a vital role in National Security by providing mission critical data acquisition and analytics capabilities.

One Platform to deliver Cyber Situational Awareness.
Used by the most sophisticated Intelligence and Defense Community globally

Vehere’s solutions constantly conduct surveillance of telemetry data using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create behavioral models that out threats within moments of penetration. Moreover, its Rule Engine prompts SecOps teams when a threat comes calling. Infused with detection and response capabilities, it bolsters threat intelligence by working on the principle of Situational Awareness.

Backed by a decade of National Security experience, Vehere's solution delivers unparalleled Situational Awareness by securing networks.