Zero Trust

Businesses are rapidly adopting remote-work – now faster than ever before. The risk perception arising out of this sudden shift to remote work has created a pertinent need for a change to the way security approaches business – “verify before trust”.

Zero trust is a security model based on the principle of maintaining strict access controls and not trusting anyone by default, even those already inside the network perimeter.

Visibility for implementation

Comprehensive data flow and communication visibility to help prioritize assets and applications for access. Thereafter, continuously monitor utilization to further harden policies and trust levels.

Monitor your weak link

Hackers prey on humans’ psychological flaws, targeting them as the “weakest link” in the cyber chain. Improve security strategy by observing access and user behaviors. This enables development of effective process to apply least privilege concept at each level.

Enable micro segmentation

Provides critical insights into data flows, communication patterns and changing trends that help security practitioners determine the most effective and least-privileged access policies for workloads.

For the mission critical environment

Identify devices, application, user-behavior and, access patterns for systems and applications that are mission critical to enable the principles of zero-trust be applied to Internet of Things, Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology.

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