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Framework for Cyber Defenders

MITRE released D3FEND, which is a catalog of defensive cybersecurity techniques and their relationships to offensive/adversary techniques. D3FEND shall help security and risk professionals improve the quality of their defensive mechanisms and protect assets with cyber exposure.

The D3FEND framework aims to provide defensive techniques that correspond to offensive TTP outlined in the ATT&CK framework.

Simplified Offensive and Defensive Techniques Relationships

D3FEND is intended for security and risk professionals enabling them to make better investment decisions for their cyber security needs.

In our opinion, the framework also represents an opportunity for improved collaboration among different defensive countermeasures by opening the representative relationship between offensive and defensive countermeasures. It presents an opportunity for better collaboration and automation at each technology level to benefit countermeasures at the next level and help buyers close their technology gaps.

Watch out this space as we analyze and update on how Vehere can help you leverage full potential of the framework using our Cyber Situational Awareness solutions from the PacketWorker family.

MITRE® for an Informed Defense