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Protocol Analyzer

Leverages an advanced Deep Packet Inspection Engine to quickly detect, decode and, represent insights from network traffic in short bursts thereby enabling sample-driven assessment across multiple timespan.

• Standalone portable system allows for preliminary analysis of any circuit for value assessment

• Real-time traffic classification for over four-thousand protocols, applications and their service types such as communication, data or, file transfer

• Portable packaging ensures analysis of circuits at disparate locations for the same buyer organization​

• Detection of devices behind routers using NAT including smartphones using mobile tethering

Satellite Monitoring
Satellite Monitoring

Satellite Monitoring

Capture, demodulate and, decode multi-service mobile satellite systems data to track and monitor hostile assets.

Advanced multi-services tactical

Deliver a comprehensive multi-services tactical monitoring over L-band to trace and track adversaries.

Enhanced visibility

Decipher, Decode and, analyze content in satellite communication to improve space situational awareness.

Uncover unknowns

Characterize spectrum and use inbuilt signal analysis tools to uncover hidden insights in unknown signals.

Wide coverage

Automatically detects most satellite constellations, generates enriched metadata for faster analysis to provide real-time intelligence.

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