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Nirbhaya Mishra
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Enam Holdings

Enam Holdings has been on the map since 1984 and is a privately managed company that invests in long-term propositions in listed companies, as well as finances entrepreneurs establishing private firms. Owing to the investment of unlevered proprietary capital, Enam Holdings remains free from restraints like managing volatility, benchmark indexing, and redemption strain. Thus, they are able to work intimately with the owners of businesses that they invest in, to constantly stay focused on long-term value creation. For the past three decades, Enam Holdings have been investing in the leading growth organizations of India, through numerous economic cycles. It is one of those companies that value a relationship-oriented culture and investment ideology. With a keen focus on thorough research to select companies that have the competitive advantage of sustenance and execution abilities, Enam Holdings choose companies based on the quality of management teams and their organizational framework. An ethical investment firm, Enam Holdings involves itself in businesses that do not involve gambling, intoxication, or anything that may harm living creatures.



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