Zero Trust

The concept of Zero Trust has been around for more than a decade. Devices within the corporate network can no longer be trusted blindly in a world where the network border is no longer demarcated or protected. Zero trust focuses on comprehensive visibility and control over all network activities, regardless of which device, application, or user is accessing a corporate resource. In zero trust, all network traffic is untrusted.

Vehere's NDR can speed up the deployment of an effective Zero Trust framework by increasing the IT visibility required to get started. Also, provides continuous visibility and monitoring for the entire enterprise threat landscape, sense abnormalities or threat, validate policy enforcement and reacts if necessary all in a matter of seconds. Also, support enhanced collaboration between traditionally siloed teams.

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For network security & CLOUD SECURITY

When you're dealing with information sprawl from traditional data-centers to cloud and onto the personal assets of a tech-savvy mobile co-worker; PacketWorker becomes the go-to solution to help retain persistent ability to detect and defend your users and their precious work.

AI Network Security

100% contextual information with ML threat intelligence for efficient analysis

7 minutes for responding and correlating alerts in real-time, with frictionless integrations, enabling task completion

Network agnostic, flexible deployments

Vehere AI Network Security enables organizations to further their zero trust journey. Integrates seamlessly with existing security investments, security teams can easily view high-risk incidents and compromised entities on a single pane of glass.

Understanding the environment Gain a better awareness and view of every user, device, and application—managed or unmanaged. Analyses traffic profiles, security risks and, host behaviour in real-time to get an accurate picture of the environment for better assessment of the security posture.

Threat Detection others miss Detect threats in real time with advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis. Comprehensive analysis & representation for seamless insights into network activity over any protocol.

Deliver faster, more effective response Extensive data enrichment resulting in comprehensive context availability to help speed up incident analysis. Comprehensive reconstruction capabilities to ensure seamless visibility into content.

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