Cyber Situation Awareness

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The concept of situation awareness was recognised during World War I by Oswald Boelke, who realized “the importance of gaining an awareness of the enemy before the enemy gained a similar awareness, and devised methods for accomplishing it”. This gap in the idea between the human operators understanding of system status and actual system status forms the crux of the concept of situation awareness.

Situation awareness emerges from traditional warfare and it is about gaining a better knowledge of the surrounding environment. A focus on important elements of the environment emphasizes that situation awareness is always about getting something done. When the environment is Cyber, the concept is Cyber Situation Awareness (CSA).

Increase in Situation Awareness reduces Risk Perception

Cyber Situation Awareness Overview

Our growing dependency on cyberspace has greatly increased the need for situation awareness — essentially, understanding your environment and accurately predicting and responding to potential problems that might occur.

Cyber Situation Awareness provides both a holistic and specific view of threats and vulnerabilities, allowing organizations the ability to identify, process and comprehend information in real-time. It also enables the accurate perception of an enterprise’s security stance and its threat environment. This, in turn, helps organizations gauge both their current and future risk status and protection posture.

Effective cyber situation awareness requires
1. People to provide effective communications across business units and the ability to analyze disparate information and make sense of it,
2. Technology for collecting, analyzing, and storing a large amount of data
3. The ability to map observations with the context in a way that makes the best use of resources.
4. Understanding of what augmenting data will allow practitioners to make competent inferences.

Levels of Situation Awareness
perception 240-03


deals with the evidence gathering of cyber situations. CSA allows you to identify apparent and oblivious threat vectors.


understanding of the exact situation, which may be derived from analysis of the set of evidence gathered or perceived of the current cyber situation. CSA empowers you to meaningfully comprehend the scope and nature of threat elements.


deals with predictive measures to forecast future incidents, situations. CSA channelizes your response by guiding with direction and making it more impactful and effective.

Mica Endsley Model as applied to Cyber Situational Awareness

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