Network Forensics

Continuous network monitoring and threat hunting, together with real-time detection and investigation, are crucial in combating emerging cyber threats. Network Packet data is often considered as the cyber source of truth. Packets on the wire are least susceptible to tampering and become the best way of investigating issues or, detecting threats/malware from the original content.​

Enhance cyber resilience with Network Forensics against the inevitable attack. Leveraging full data capture, SecOps teams make quality decisions to exterminate threat actors.

Vehere Network Forensics supports investigation and analysis of the root cause of network leakage, data theft and suspicious network traffic. ​

AI Network Security

100% contextual information with ML threat intelligence for efficient analysis

7 minutes for responding and correlating alerts in real-time, with frictionless integrations, enabling task completion

Network agnostic, flexible deployments

Vehere's NDR supports investigation activities by making available full extent, origin and, scope of an attack and, enabling creation of in-house threat intelligence.

Data Enrichment Extensive data enrichment resulting in comprehensive context availability to help speed up incident analysis. Session and contextual metadata for granular enrichment.​

Powerful Content Analysis Built-in powerful content management tools to ease analysis and eliminate dependence on third-party software delivering an improved value while investigations or threat-analysis.​

Retrospective Analysis Back in time for better analysis to determine root-cause and, assess impact to business assets. Time-step to represent network activity into controlled sequence of events for easy analysis​

Improve Security Effectiveness Powerful capabilities to enable defenders improve security posture by testing newer updates/upgrades to network security tools using packet-data captured by leveraging playback capabilities.​

Event-based Capture Accelerates the investigative process by using Event-based Capture to identify suspicious sessions that should be the focus for deeper investigations.​

Drill-Down GUI Web-based, drill-down GUI for search and inspection of packets, connections, and sessions.

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