IoT Security

Unmanaged endpoints, such as IoT devices, pose a huge and expanding risk surface and leave you vulnerable at the edge. The critical advantage of IoT is that it makes operations efficient, less time consuming and streamlined, reduces human involvement and enhances productivity, decreases costs and helps adapt to the changing technological environment. However, this easy access to data makes private data less secure, and the vulnerable devices are also routes to enter a network and launch cyberattacks.

Vehere's NDR analyse network traffic to create rich security evidence that enables asset inventory, vulnerability assessment, and threat monitoring. Our powerful machine learning profiles all devices automatically, inferring whose services they belong to and detecting violations and risks for immediate remediation.

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When you're dealing with information sprawl from traditional data-centers to cloud and onto the personal assets of a tech-savvy mobile co-worker; PacketWorker becomes the go-to solution to help retain persistent ability to detect and defend your users and their precious work.

AI Network Security

100% contextual information with ML threat intelligence for efficient analysis

7 minutes for responding and correlating alerts in real-time, with frictionless integrations, enabling task completion

Network agnostic, flexible deployments

Vehere NDR enables organizations to get instant, continuous visibility across every device from wherever it connects.

Traditional tools can’t keep up with emerging threats Total visibility visibility across all managed and unmanaged devices, as well as east-west and north-south communications, including encrypted traffic. Leveraging AI & ML  to understand normal behavior for your IoT ecosystems, identifying and stopping threats at the earliest stages. 

Faster Threat Detection Improve the productivity of security analysis using full context investigative workflows that identify and group devices and operating systems.

Faster Threat Resolution Detect unusual device behaviour with automated response workflow to stop threats before they become a breach.

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