It may come as a surprise to some, but the fact is that less than 10% of all known vulnerabilities have actually been exploited so far. This leaves the Security & Risk Practitioners with a daunting task of ensuring that assets under their watch stay protected. With security skills in the dearth, adoption of advanced strategies and expensive technology is beyond feasible means of most organizations.

For all practical purpose, the Network is a perpetual source of data stream for proactive and predictive analytics that can enable monitoring of almost all possible attack vectors.

Security & Risk Practitioners are well aware that cybersecurity has a significant impact on accomplishment of business goals. To better defend their organization, it’s imminent that they start automating analytics tasks on network data to identify threats and risks.

How Vehere Can Help


Advanced Automation Technology

It's known for a fact that advanced malicious actors test and validate effectiveness of their craft against the same set of tools enterprises use for defense of their assets. Aside to that, advanced automation techniques are actively being employed by malware factories to improve code quality and evasion techniques resulting in repetitive success against well - fortified targets. Organizations looking at improving their defenses can benefit by employing automation techniques to help anticipate and respond to security risks


Provide Effective Cyber Threat Detection and Response Solution

Vehere Packetworker is an effective cyber threat detection and response solution that helps organizations minimize risk by accurately detecting and enabling swift response to cyber threats. It facilitates efficient resolution of identified security incidents with concrete evidence, actionable intelligence and response workflow integrations. Working off full packet capture or flow - records, PacketWorker’s self - learning starts from the day one, detecting anomalous and suspicious behaviors on the network.


Monitor Current State of the Network

Packetworker enables security practitioners to monitor current state of the network in aid of their security posture assessment. Retention of raw packets and metadata enables historical analysis to probe into root cause or, past trends that find good use in predictive analysis.


Reduces Dwell Time

Packetworker reduces dwell time from days to hours when it comes to investigating security issues. It enables security managers to free up human resources quickly to attend to important business imperatives. PacketWorker’s UI offers an easy to use and customize dashboard to gain situational awareness using data enrichment that eliminates the need to refer third - party correlation and lookup sources