AI Counter-Terrorism

It is a powerful system that is optimized for today’s
fast-paced digital environments, built for real-time
collection and mass analysis of data from a variety of communication network sources.
Prioritizing Data Protection and Civil Liberties

Deep Packet

High speed and real-time passive interception platforms for lossless data extractions with next-gen DPI probe, delivering effective intelligence and security.

Unified Homeland Security Platform

360 degree view of adversaries by providing a unified view of all intercepted data on a single interface.

Technology Powered
by AI

Capabilities powered by AI such as Audio Analysis, Text Capabilities, Predictive Analysis, Pattern Recognition and more.

Vehere AI Counter-Terrorism Software enables collection and analysis of data from diverse communication network sources, including telephone calls, mobile data, and Internet-based services such as email, voice over-IP, instant messaging, and others.

Its modular architecture facilitates seamless integration of disparate interfaces, data sources, and tools on a single platform. This empowers investigators to “connect dots” across data from various sources to identify suspicious behavior, uncover hidden connections between entities, find hidden leads, profile objects of interest, and make rapid detections to take action.

Vehere delivers National and Cross-border Cyber Vigilance for detection and containment of post-breach activities. It ensures full visibility with lossless packet capture, full digital forensics, next-gen file analysis, AI-powered breach detection and threat hunting.

Vehere strengthens national security without compromising constitutional privacy protections, embodying the core principle of ‘Protection with Privacy’.

A unified solution that operates in real-time to identify and respond to cyberthreats faced by your nation

AI-powered intelligence collection system enhanced with Natural Language Processing, featuring capabilities such as spam filtering, language detection, speaker recognition, and many more.

Manages and monitors millions of subjects effectively.

Ingestion and assimilation of diverse external data sources, utilizing a robust ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) engine.

Architecture designed for 100+ Gbps & full duplex scalability and cost-efficiency.

Comprehensive text search capabilities for extensive intelligence gathering.

Examine and assess suspect activity via detailed metadata analysis.

Machine learning and rule-based alert triggering system


Capture from Diverse Communication Sources

• Reliable and continuous collection across a wide range of communication network sources and technologies

• Automatically focus on the most relevant sources for efficient coverage management and resource allocation

Advanced Automated Analytics Tools

• AI-powered analytics to identify relations, interests, activities, patterns and abnormalities

• Detect and highlight suspicious indicators, unique insights and new patterns

Security Initiatives

Gain actionable insight to neutralize threats​

Network Intelligence Analytics

Network Intelligence Analytics help protect nation and its citizens by collecting mass, wide and target data from diverse communication network sources.

Fiber Data Analytics

Fiber Data Analytics analyzes high-speed data streams from submarine and terrestrial cables to identify and track nation state for improving situation awareness.

Cyber Vigilance

Massive scale NDR-NF for national critical infrastructure that detects and contains post-breach activities like ransomware, APTs, insider threats or lateral movements using AI/ML and heuristic behaviour analytics.

Lawful Interception

A state-of-the-art monitoring solution for LEAs to help fulfil their legal obligations to intercept calls and data while maintaining maximum privacy and protection.

Vehere's Gladius-X

The "Gladius-X", a Vehere’s exclusive intellectual and proprietary tech-stack for fighting against deadliest threat actors and dreadful anomalies. ​

Gladius-X Differentiators

Security Use Cases

Audio Analysis powered by AI

AI-powered Language identification (supporting 99 languages) aids in transcription and translation in Audio and Speech to Text Conversions. Allows analysts to efficiently process recorded audio files.

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Analysis using available senses such as relying on metadata, behavior models and other signals. Analysis of encrypted domain to extract SSL certificates. Auto-profiling of encrypted traffic metadata

Content Inspection

• Manual inspection of content is time-consuming and often error-prone.
• Without opening the content (that may actually be weaponized), IntelliWorker enable discovery across many thousands of documents to identify extent of leak of sensitive information in communication channel.

Geo-spatial Analysis

Target movement analysis and geofencing​ by harnessing the power of a 16-layer street view offline map.

Graph Analysis​

Capability to visualize complex networks with 6-layered graph analysis and connect the dots so that nothing remains hidden .​

Metadata Analytics

Advanced metadata analytics tool to streamline the process of examining and interpreting metadata associated with digital files, documents, or datasets, delivering valuable insights and information.

Intelligence from Encrypted Communications

• Encryption is a challenge for LEAs. Even the content may be encrypted.
• Vehere's NI enables analysis using statistical techniques enabling identification of origins.
• Special fingerprinting techniques enable identification of device and owner.

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