AI Counter-Terrorism

A robust platform that transforms massive
volume of data from multiple sources
and sensors into usable insights.
Prioritizing Data Protection and Civil Liberties

Near zero integration effort

Ingest data from a variety of sources - whether structured or unstructured. IntelliWorker ETL framework enables template driven data ingestion so that all data is normalized and analyzed for consistency in quality of outcome.

Scale... beyond imagination

A modular design that enables clustering at every level, IntelliWorker can quickly ramp up to support heavy analytics demand or greater ingest pipeline. Support retrospective analysis with 180s response time. 

Zero latency investigations

Powerful analytics to search through content by leveraging algorithmically created metadata eliminating the need for analyst review of content thereby saving considerable time, effort and, compute.

Vehere's AI Counter-Terrorism Platform leverage AI, machine learning and automation to equip security organizations with actionable intelligence and delivers visibility to hidden threats on large scale data collected from a wide range of network sources thereby aiding in Signals Intelligence.

A comprehensive data-analysis product enabling a 360-degree view of "situations" in real-time via a set of intuitive dashboards and widgets.

Vehere strengthens national security without compromising constitutional privacy protections, embodying the core principle of ‘Protection with Privacy’.

Nation that is safe, secure, and resilient against digital attacks and espionage

Zero Packet Loss analyzes high speed data from fiber, satellite, IP networks, TDM, SS7 and other unstructured data sources. 

Contemporary blend of Investigative Techniques and Automation starts learning entity behavior from the very moment of its deployment to detect anomalies and outliers in real-time

Powered with Artificial Intelligence for Entity of Interest Profiling empower Analytics. An intuitive data model that shapes real-life intelligence entities into a network of connected profiles.

Flex-scale Architecture easily integrates with customer data sources and new technologies to meet evolving needs.


Capture from Diverse Communication Sources

• Reliable and continuous collection across a wide range of communication network sources and technologies

• Automatically focus on the most relevant sources for efficient coverage management and resource allocation

Advanced Automated Analytics Tools

• AI-powered analytics to identify relations, interests, activities, patterns and abnormalities

• Detect and highlight suspicious indicators, unique insights and new patterns

Security Initiatives

Gain actionable insight to neutralize threats​

Fusion Analytics

Leverage the power of Advanced automation technologies including artificial intelligence/machine-learning and, behaviour-based Rule-Engine learning to rapidly fuse all your data and extract critical insights.

Fiber IP Monitoring

Works on advanced automation technique for accessing big data carried over large scale optical transport networks. ​Provide comprehensive optical network analytics, both real-time and historical, using metadata extracted across the entire transport network

Mass Network Intelligence

Lawful Capturing and Monitoring System is a state-of-the-art monitoring solution that assists Communication Service Providers in complying with electronic monitoring law enforcement orders.

Vehere's Gladius-X

The "Gladius-X", a Vehere’s exclusive intellectual and proprietary tech-stack for fighting against deadliest threat actors and dreadful anomalies. ​

Gladius-X Differentiators

Security Use Cases

Targeted Monitoring

• Identify and pivot on targets using deep inspection.
• Monitor multiple targets all at the same time.
• Explore relationships among targets using advanced visualization techniques that are powered by statistical correlation of data-set.

Content Inspection

• Manual inspection of content is time-consuming and often error-prone.
• Without opening the content (that may actually be weaponized), IntelliWorker enable discovery across many thousands of documents to identify extent of leak of sensitive information in communication channel.

Intelligence from Encrypted Communications

• Encryption is a challenge for LEAs. Even the content may be encrypted.
• Vehere's NI enables analysis using statistical techniques enabling identification of origins.
• Special fingerprinting techniques enable identification of device and owner.

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