A Black Swan Event- Fighting COVID-19

Suman Mukherjee
March 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic, a major black swan event, is keeping everyone on their toes. It is distressing businesses, health workers, and most importantly, network security analysts. 

As fictional as this may sound, but the world looks no less than a battlefield right now. Everyone is battling the pandemic for survival. Security practitioners are preparing their teams with two urgent concerns- facilitating work-from-home arrangements to an unprecedented scale, owing to social distancing, and maintaining absolute confidentiality and ethics of official resources.  

The need of the hour is a solution that will quintessentially curb failure costs (owing to the multiplied dependency on digital platforms), and will generate alerts in the initial stages of a cyber-breach. We need an army like the Spartans who, though often outnumbered, overcame all odds and proved that a squad, with a strategic and tactical plan can achieve victory- a solution exactly like Vehere’s PacketWorker. 

 A network situational awareness platform, PacketWorker unifies deep packet and payload inspection, machine learning, and a comprehensive rules-engine that points out the slightest anomaly in the network, and alerts security and risk practitioners on-the-go. The solution provides coherent resolutions, alongside factual evidence and actionable intelligence. 

Since enterprises have mandated remote work, digital dependency has escalated notably; making it all the more imperative to watch out for probable network security breaches. PacketWorker’s ability to operate in a no-margin environment, surpass conventional rule-based security methods, and a thorough and enriched network analysis, wins all network security battles!

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