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Vehere crown · Apr 27, 2020 · 1 min

Vehere extends its Cybersecurity offerings to a 100-year-old Banking Insitution and many other Banks


Vehere, with its robust, industry-leading cybersecurity solutions, caters to a wide spectrum of business and non-business institutions for effective threat protection and management. Following this pattern, recently, Vehere made its mark by successfully presenting its cybersecurity solutions to a 100-year-old banking institution serving retail and non-agricultural credit markets in the southern states of India, along with the security teams of such banks and delved deeper to understand their needs and how Vehere can be a catalyst of the change. 

What was realized from the association is that the Indian banking system of today calls for a highly scalable, smart, customizable, and cost-efficient cybersecurity system that can run-up with the progressive growth rate of such monetary institutions. Scalability is a crucial element of the system, owing to the rapid advancement, and so is the comprehensiveness that can assist these banks in patching up any loopholes, drastically improving their security posture. Vehere's cybersecurity system was able to prove its mettle and promised a distinguished ROI to the banks, making it extremely efficient and providing them with a wide array of capabilities for their security operations centre and complying with the RBI's regulations and guidance.

These banks, working as alternate credit sources and harbingers of savings and investment, are crucial for the growth and prosperity of the Indian economy. The Indian banking system is growing at an accelerated rate and forms the backbone of the rural credit system. Banking institutions, therefore, acting as the nodes that interact with the people, are growing increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats and cyber attackers. It is no surprise that cyber threats and attacks have become a great threat to the IT operations of these banks, especially the smaller ones, which even though are adopting the new technologies to an extent, do need a scalable, comprehensive, and proactive cybersecurity threat-protection system.


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