Fiction to Fact: Fortifying the National Power Grid

Neha Kirtonia
February 3, 2020

One may think that cyberattack on Power Grid shown in the movie Die Hard 4 is fictional. It is, but ask the cybersecurity experts in the US and they will tell that power grid is a major target in cyber warfare. In Indian context, the evolution of a national power grid is a major feat, but a compromised grid can become a frightening nightmare for the country. While the government has undertaken measures to keep the grid secure, major operators, energy and power utilities need advanced cybersecurity options to counter rapidly evolving threats.

Vehere’s PacketWorker and other advanced solutions provide exactly that. Based on the US NIST framework of five key cybersecurity functions to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover, PacketWorker is AI enabled Network Situational Awareness solution that helps organizations minimize risk by accurately detecting and enabling swift response to cyber threats. It facilitates efficient resolution of identified security incidents with concrete evidence, actionable intelligence and response workflow integrations. It enables security practitioners implement efficient, cost-effective and predictive threat-detection technologies besides permitting time-travel to effectively respond to security incidents.

In view of the current cyber security status quo of the Indian Energy sector, cyber security solutions such as these could go a long way in planning a strong defence mechanism and staying ahead of the hackers.

PacketWorker Key Features:

ML-powered actionable intelligence to detect cyber-risks | Investigative Tools & Analytics to accelerate response

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